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To achieve with Tonic would be to make a lot of women happy, whether it is little girls just starting with the sport, or country club ladies who are out there having a good workout. The outfit influences the match. You go out there, you feel comfortable, in a way you do give a better performance. As a female athlete you always have to look for the comfort which is very important, everything has to be 100%.

Martina Hingis, Grand Slam Champion & Tonic Ambassador

Creative Engine pushed us to establish a more confident voice and brand identity, and the outcome completely exceeded our expectations. From our B2B marketing effort, to our public-facing marketing material, we feel our brand touch points are true representation of who we are.

Leopoldo Gutierrez, CEO

Understand the audience. Know your competition.

This high-end environmentally responsible active wear company has products in 40+ countries but had very low brand awareness. To raise brand recognition, we transformed their brand identity from a small business, practical, West Coast, with a low degree of sophistication, to fashionable and appealing to women everywhere. We leveraged the celebrity status of Martina Hingis, creating the right conditions for the brand to be able to compete with the likes Nike, Adidas, under Armour, Lacoste, and Lululemon in the world stage.

Leveraging every resource.

Our work included coordinating with Martina Hingis on fashion photoshoots, autograph signings, appreciation days, tennis tournaments in California, and other public appearances. We focused on building her signature tennis collection into objects of desire and raise brand awareness for the entire Tonic product line.