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Thank you for being such a reliable and responsive resource. The brand and materials have been very positively accepted by clients and vendors.

Christopher Redcliffe, President & CEO

Redcliffe & Company’s approach to managing employer sponsored plans has proven to be a refreshing alternative to traditional financial service providers. Rooted as a small local business led to the creation of the Clarity & Purpose™ philosophy, which is founded on the promise of total transparency and a client-centric service model.

Traditional values. The energy of youth.

In the process of developing the strategy for Redcliffe & Co., it was noted that their transparent fee structure, in-depth marketing knowledge, and tailor-made service model provided clients with clarity and purpose in their long term objectives.Throughout our explorations of a central brand icon, we found that nothing better exemplified these traits than the noble silhouette of the Knight chess piece. Redcliffe & Co. is an effective independent insurance advisor, and like the Knight in a game of chess, is the cornerstone of an effective strategy. This became the foundation for the aesthetic of Redcliffe & Co.: clean, strong, and trust-worthy.The corporate colour was established as a florescent red, to stand out in an industry that is notoriously light blue and grey.