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A critical component of the work we do with our clients is to develop a clear understanding of the difference that exists between the way they articulate their position, and the actual position they hold in their customers’ minds. By understanding this difference, we can develop a brand identity and strategy that is relentlessly specific, and resonates with their current and potential audience.

I just wanted to say a big Thank You! to you and your team for the amazing job you did on our rebrand. The process was painless to us and you really helped us engage our clients and staff, ensuring buy-in by our team and excitement among our team and our clients. The end result exceeded our expectations from the website to the Brand Guide through the delivery of all of our assets. Your team managed the project from design to delivery and made it easy for us. You have elevated our brand.

Deanie Hiles, Vice President

It is all about being relevant.

During the discovery phase of our rebrand effort for Radius, we quickly identified that their positioning statement – and subsequently all their marketing collateral – failed to connect to key values customers identified with the organization. With clients ranging from highly charismatic, universally-known brands, to SMBs relying on the expertise of a well seasoned third party logistics supplier, it was essential that the newly revised brand strategy and identity, and the marketing material delivered an elegant and clearly defined, compelling idea of value, which was representative of the values perceived by their current customers.