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An innovative, clean, and minimalist aesthetic not typically associated with healthcare provides in-depth tools for executives and managers to plan their careers.

Performance Excellence is alive and well at PHC. The creativity, color and look of our new system is enticing people into the system and the program as a whole. A big THANK YOU for the great work and support in managing the multitude of changes in getting it right for our organization. PHC is very thankful for Creative Engine’s work. They are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Lori Nolan, Providence Health Care

When you call it Performance Excellence, good is not good enough.

The aim of the the new “Performance Excellence” portal was to allow Providence Health Care to integrate more efficiently through inter-departmental collaboration – providing all executives and managers the tools they need to complete the organization’s professional and operational goals.

In collaboration with the technical team at Telus, we overhauled the experience of using the application, making it easy to use by staff with a range of computer fluency. It was important to us to ensure that the application was easy to understand, with novel clean, minimalist aesthetic that is not typically associated with healthcare, while providing in-depth tools for the users who expect it.