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Keeping up with advances in technology is no easy feat, particularly for our aging population. When we were approached by the folks at Power Pioneers, an association of over 2,000 BC Hydro retirees, to redesign their website and create a portal that brings the community together, we decided to take an unconventional approach.

Occam's razor as a design tool.

We set out to create a website that was so simple, secure and intuitive, that members themselves would be able to create and share content in no time – an empowering experience, especially for our less tech-savvy members.

The website would act to attract new members, as well as provide a central point of communication between Branch Executives across 15 branches and their respective members – informing them of upcoming monthly events, member meetings, and community outreach programs. In addition, our membership platform would allow current and prospective members to easily renew or purchase their membership.

With the site’s clean aesthetic, easy-to-use content management system, and little moral support along the way, we created a website that was accessible to all. It turns out simplicity really goes a long way — we think our friends at Power Pioneers would agree.