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This is not just another vendor relationship, Gonzalo and the Creative-Engine team are part of our team at MacKay. They are invested in our success and we trust their insights and instincts to help us grow our business.

Robert MacKay, COO

It is all about making smarter decisions.

When we set out to design MacKay’s website, it was important to spread the word that an expanding network of over 800 business leaders across the country are actively raising their game with MacKay CEO Forums. Our strategy was to bring a level of sophistication that matches its intended audience, as well as showcase the knowledge and experiences that are the foundation of the member experience at MacKay CEO Forums.

Creating a journey

We set out to elevate the brand through the use of subtle, sophisticated design elements, deliberate use of colour as a tool to prompt action, and clear, concise messaging.

Content is like wine.

Too little, and you don't really get a taste. Too much, and you feel awful afterwards. A content-driven marketing approach was implemented to reveal the value offered through forum participation. By distributing key resources and teasers throughout the site – such as videos, podcasts and self-assessment quizzes, we hoped to inspire site visitors to accelerate their performance, and reach their leadership potential by joining MacKay CEO Forums.